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 Subs/Adapter  Subs/Adapter



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The recovery tools is mainly used for salvaging drill rods (stems) and casing tubes, and it is capable of drilling and salvaging things from oil pipes,drill rods, milling tubes, packers, water distributor etc. Besides, it is especially appropriate for salvaging tube subjects with couplings.


We produce various types of Adapter Subs, such as B/N/H/P/PWT;

various thread combinations, such as pin thread-pin thread, box thread-box thread, pin thread-box thread;

various uses of Adapter Subs , such as for drill rod, casing , water swivel, hoisting plug etc.


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Our company is a reliable and long-standing manufacturer of drilling tools. Wuxi Drilling Exploartion Equipment especially offers a complete range of diamond core drilling tools.

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