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 Locking Coupling Full Hole / Conventional  Locking Coupling Full Hole / Conventional


Locking Coupling Full Hole / Conventional

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The recovery tools is mainly used for salvaging drill rods (stems) and casing tubes, and it is capable of drilling and salvaging things from oil pipes,drill rods, milling tubes, packers, water distributor etc. Besides, it is especially appropriate for salvaging tube subjects with couplings.


ZL offers BQ NQ HQ PQ NQ3 HQ3 PQ3 NWL HWL PWL locking couplings for use with BQ NQ HQ PQ core barrels. BQ NQ HQ PQ locking coupling connects the drill string to the outer-tube assembly and provides a mating surface which the head assembly latches ride against while drilling. BQ NQ HQ PQ locking couplings provide directional control for BQ NQ HQ PQ core barrel assembly through wear resistant stabilizing pads that wear down against the drill hole wall.Q series Locking couplings are available for application in standard DCDMA B N H P size.
ZL locking couplings are made out of high quality alloy steel with a hard-faced latch resting area for better latching reliability.
ZL offers the option of a TANG which is the tab of steel located on the pin end of the locking coupling.

Coring Wireline Locking Coupling Bq Nq HQ PQ Core Barrel Spare Parts Drilling Industry 0

BQ NQ HQ PQ locking coupling types:

A-BQ NQ HQ PQ Full Hole Locking Coupling with tang

B-BQ NQ HQ PQ Full Hole Locking Coupling

C-BQ NQ HQ PQ Conventional Locking Coupling with tang

D-BQ NQ HQ PQ Conventional Locking Coupling


(1)Conventional type locking coupling has carbide pads.

(2) Full hole type locking coupling is surface hardened.

(3)The box thread of locking coupling is decided by the drill rod thread.

BQ NQ HQ PQ Nonimal Weight kg Ibs
BQ Locking Coupling(approx.) 1.60 3.53
NQ Locking Coupling(approx.) 2.90 6.39
HQ Locking Coupling(approx.) 4.40 9.70
PQ Locking Coupling(approx.) 5.20 11.46

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