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Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell
Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell
Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell


Impregnated Diamond Reaming Shell

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impregnated reaming shells offer stable and efficient cutting performance through the even distribution of synthetic diamonds. They are suitable for drilling in various geological environments and play a crucial role in improving borehole quality, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing production efficiency.

Impregnated reaming shell is a type of drilling tool used for enlarging the diameter of an existing borehole while maintaining its original trajectory and improving its overall quality. Unlike surface set reaming shells that have diamonds embedded on the outer surface, impregnated reaming shells have a matrix of synthetic diamonds distributed evenly throughout the entire shell body.

The synthetic diamonds are mixed with a powdered metal alloy and then sintered onto the reaming shell. This impregnation process ensures a consistent and uniform distribution of diamonds across the entire surface. The diamonds act as cutting elements and provide efficient and continuous cutting action during drilling operations.

Impregnated reaming shells are commonly used in applications where the formation being drilled is hard, abrasive, or contains unpredictable rock formations. The evenly distributed diamonds provide consistent cutting performance and extended tool life. They are particularly suitable for drilling in challenging ground conditions and for improving hole stability, reducing deviation, and maximizing core recovery.

Overall, impregnated reaming shells offer reliable and efficient drilling performance in demanding drilling environments, making them a valuable tool in various industries such as mining, geotechnical exploration, and oil and gas exploration.






O.D. of Bit





I.D. of Bit





O.D. of Reaming Shell





Note: Customized gauges of the reaming shell are acceptable, contact with our sales representative for getting more supports.

Product Advantages

* Diamond Impregnated Pad

Enables the use of large synthetic diamonds greatly enhancing wear life and eliminating the need for specialty shells in diamond exploration.

* Diamond Ground

Outer diameter grinding pre-exposes the diamond and reduces variation in size improving stability and helping to produce the longest lasting reaming shell available.

* Heavy Duty

Available with an optional heavy duty blank to prevent undercutting in extremely broken conditions (standard on oversize versions).

* Dual Pad

Available in dual pad 10” configurations for straighter holes when deviation is a concern.

Note: Q is the trademark from BLY, here we quoted for helping customers to do a selection only.


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